Petition that will be sent to Chicago Aldermen and Mayor Lightfoot

Dear Aldermen and Mayor Lightfoot,

  We the undersigned are in support of the Copernicus Foundation’s bid to buy the city-owned abandoned firehouse located at 4841 N. Lipps.  On September 15th,  the Department of Housing sent the Foundation a  letter of denial where the denial reasons reasons were not accurate.  On September 17th, the Plan Commission  rejected the  $300,000 bid  the Copernicus Foundation presented in favor of  a bid from an outside develop for only $1.00.  At the Plan Commission meeting, we do not feel that  Project Manager James Wheaton accurately presented the Foundation’s proposal to the Commissioners.

The proposal submitted by the Copernicus Foundation clearly represents the best interests of the community as it does not require any additional stories to be added to the existing building, it commits to restore the original historical “firehouse façade”, and will feature a similar brewpub concept that all residents will enjoy for years to come. Furthermore, the city’s decision to sell the Property to 4841 N. Lipps, LLC for merely $1.00 meant the city was turning down $299,999 during a time when every penny is crucial. In addition, the property would be returned to the property tax rolls.

Since 1979, the Copernicus Foundation has been a boost to the vitality of the Jefferson Park neighborhood as well as other Northwest Chicago neighborhoods. By acquiring the Property, the Copernicus Foundation will undoubtedly strengthen its roots as cultural community center in the neighborhood which will further enable its desire to serve the residents of Chicago for generations to come. It is vital in these times that ethnic neighborhoods be supported

Because there are still numerous steps to be taken before City Council would vote on the sale to the outside developer, we ask that the Copernicus Foundation bid and proposal be reconsidered.